Willie Simon

6U Head Coach

I have been with the Falcons for 4 years as a coach for the 6U team. Coaching is everything to me; especially when you can teach kids skills, and those skills are transferred into winning.

Derricl 2.jpg

Derrick McBride

8U Head Coach

The 2018 season was my first season with the Falcons! I came in as the 6u Head Coach and I'm currently the Head Coach of the 8u team. During the day, I'm a Machine Engineer/Mechanic for Samsung. I coach for my own enjoyment. Coaching to me is just fun. Being out on the field is an escape from home and work life. It's my own little bubble of peace and fun.


Ryiann Bennett

9U Head Coach

This is my first season as a head coach with the falcons, my second season as a head coach and my 5th season coaching football. I've been coach since I was 17, started with basketball. My goals are the give back to the youth in anyway I can. I'm committed and dedicated to the youth and my community.


David Geeter

10U Head Coach

I've been coaching with the Southfield Falcons organization for over 12 years. I have one national championship under my belt! I have won over 11 state championships, mostly as a Coordinator and 1 as a Head Coach. I will be coaching the 10u team this year. I am here to teach your kids discipline and teach them to be great men in this society while learning the game of football.


Dayvon Anderson

11U Head Coach

My name is Dayvon and I’m the Head Coach of the 11U football team. I began playing for the Southfield Falcons when I was 8-years old and this organization is family. This is my third season as a Head Coach. When I coached the 9U football team, we became the 9U State Champions! I’m just trying to give back to the youth in any way I can help.


Damon Patton

12U Head Coach

My name is Damon Patton and I'm the 12U head coach for the Southfield Falcons.  I've played for the organization as a kid and have coached various levels over the past 8 years. I currently work at TI FULID SYSTEMS as a Launch Manager.


Nick Patterson

13U Head Coach

My name is Nick Patterson, and I am the 13U Head Coach. I enjoy coaching, and especially enjoy

helping our kids reach their goals and preparing them for their future.


Clarence Glasker

14U Head Coach

I've coached youth football for 13 years, 9 with the Southfield Falcons organization. I played youth football with the Falcons in the late 80's starting the Falcons winning tradition. I served as President of the Falcons in 2017 & 2018. I am a 3-time MYFL Champion Head coach. I am a skilled trade model maker for Ford Motor Company and owner of Black Sapphire Catering. I coach youth football to mentor young boys into men.  I promote self-confidence, respect, courage, physical and mental strength and education.