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Darryll Solomon

6U Head Coach

My name is Darryll Solomon (Coach Monday) and I am the 6u head coach for the Southfield falcons. I have been volunteering as a mentor in little league football throughout the city of Detroit for the last 3years. Prior to volunteering, I myself was a player for PAL, where I started with the Westside Cubs and ended with the Detroit Viking. I played 4 years of Varsity at Oak Park High school until I graduated. Then at the completion of college at Coffeyville in Kansas, I begun my professional football seasons for 7 years in AFL, RPFL and CFL. Now in present day, I am giving back the love and knowledge I have for football to our youth.

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Corey Morgan

7U Head Coach

My name is Corey Morgan and I graduated from Redford High School in 2002 where I played varsity football for the Huskies.  Post high school, I attended Alabama State University where I studied Social Work.
One of my greatest strengths is building so others can thrive. I own and manage two companies Morgan and Price and Motor City Staffing. My coaching experience includes 18 years of experience with multiple State and Regional Championships, and a 2019 National Championship! Sports has been the focal point of my life since I can remember.  I learned at a early age that hard work, dedication and patience were the keys to success in sports and life.
The unseen hours you put into your craft as a coach, the inner voice that tells you to keep going, keep pushing- this is my inner voice- and this drive is what I hope to Inspire in those I coach and mentor. I am excited to be a part of the Falcons Family and collaborate with other coaches on staff to help our boys excel. 

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Derrick McBride

9U Head Coach

The 2018 season was my first season with the Falcons! I came in as the 6u Head Coach and I'm currently the Head Coach of the 8u team. During the day, I'm a Machine Engineer/Mechanic for Samsung. I coach for my own enjoyment. Coaching to me is just fun. Being out on the field is an escape from home and work life. It's my own little bubble of peace and fun.

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Darnell Arnold

10U Head Coach

Hi I am Coach Don (aka Coach Chase). I played little league football for the Detroit Buccaneers. I also played in high school and played Semi-pro before incurring leg injuries. Since then, I have been coaching and mentoring the youth for a approximately 5 years. I am not known for finding studs, I’m known for creating them! I take great pride in teaching, developing kids on and off the field, and being a positive role model for the youth. Let’s just say he’s known for bringing home hardware! I am excited about joining the Falcons as the 2022 headed coach of the 10u Southfield Falcons. I have found a home where I can continue to develop the youth, be a positive influence on and off the field, and WIN. Coach Don is really about the kids. 


David Geeter

11U Head Coach

I've been coaching with the Southfield Falcons organization for over 12 years. I have one national championship under my belt! I have won over 11 state championships, mostly as a Coordinator and 1 as a Head Coach. I will be coaching the 10u team this year. I am here to teach your kids discipline and teach them to be great men in this society while learning the game of football.


Justin Taylor (JT)

12U Head Coach

I began coaching football for the Michigan Bulldogs Eteam in 2016 , and I’ve been in love ever since. Bringing my passion, and knowledge of the game , and unique approach to teaching the game to helps these young men grow, and flourish on , and off the field. Football isn’t the only way just my way to reach them , and teach lessons they could use for a life time.
Coaching 2016- present 3X State Champ 2017/18/20 8U & 10U
2X UYFL/D1Nation D2
National Champ 2019/21 9U & 11U
National 11U Champ" 2021
2X Hitsville All American Champ(8U,10U)
UYFL Nationals (2nd, 5th,3rd) 2017/18/20

Damon Patton

13U Head Coach

My name is Damon Patton and I am now the 13U head coach for the Southfield Falcons.  I've played for the organization as a kid and have coached various levels over the past 8 years. I currently work at TI FULID SYSTEMS as a Launch Manager.