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Shawn Smith


Shawn Smith has been a licensed residential builder and home inspector for 30 years. He served on the Southfield City Zoning Board of Appeals in 2000. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and previously, he worked in the child welfare system. He joined the Southfield Lathrup Falcons in 1993 as a Defensive Coordinator and became Head Coach of the Junior Varsity team the following year. He can proudly say that he has coached at every level and won championships at all levels. Coach Shawn was the first to lead his team to the 2002 National Championships in Florida and has attended every year since. Throughout this journey he has had several leadership positions including Football Director, Vice President, and currently President. He has a strong belief in giving back to the children in this community. Coach Shawn played youth football and realizes the important influence that it had in his life. His philosophy is: “Each One, Teach One.” In addition, he is the parent of two adult children who came through the program.

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 LaRue Burrell Sr.

Vice President

Larue Burrell is a facility maintenance supervisor. He has been with the Falcons organization for 27 years. He has served in various roles throughout his tenure and is currently the Vice President of the organization. When asked what he likes most about the Falcons, he expresses that we pride ourselves in being a first-class organization. Additionally, he states that, “I like working with the kids to develop their athletic and social skills, but most importantly we stress education first.”


 Harry Bellamy


Coach Bellamy is a graduate of Florida A & M University where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Economics. He served 9 years of active duty and 11 years in the U.S. Army Reserve as an Officer. He retired after working 33 years for the U.S. Army as a Civilian. He joined the Southfield-Lathrup Junior Football League, Inc (FALCONS) in March 1980. He has held increasing leadership roles from defensive coach, head coach, league President, Southeastern Michigan Youth Football League treasurer, and the treasure of the Falcons organization.  Coach Bellamy continues to have a deep connection with Falcons and strives to make contributions that will enhance the organization.  


 LaRue Burrell Jr.


Larue Burrell, Jr. has been with the organization for a total of 20yrs, 4 years as a football player, and 15 years as a coach.  I enjoy giving back to the organization that has given so much to me and seeing young boys and girls that come to us at 7 and 8 years old become successful men and women later in life.


Cory McDonald

Athletic Director

Cory McDonald is a small business owner and father of three sons who came through the Falcons organization.  Cory has been a Falcons Board Member since 2008. He has held several positions and he is currently the 13U Offensive Coordinator. He was alss the Head Coach of the organization 1st AYF National Championship team in 2014. Cory steps in wherever he is needed and is currently an Athletic Director for the organization. He states that he is most excited about “Watching these young athletes come up through high school, college, and in some cases the pros, all while knowing you had a part in that!”


Myron Tate

Senior Recruiter

Myron Tate has been with the Southfield Falcons since 2009. He had two sons come through the football program. He has served in many positions as a coach for many levels beginning with the young 5-year-olds to his current coaching position as a Coach on the 12U football team. His teams have won several championships throughout the years including the organizations first 2014 AYF national Championship. He currently serves on the Board of Directors as a Senior Recruiter for the organization. He also serves as a volunteer at the national level of AYF


Garnett W. Davis II

Board Member

My name is Garnett Davis, I am the Applications Engineering Manager for OE & AM Friction at MAT Holdings Inc. in Farmington Hills MI., and I also work as a Real Estate Agent & Advisor for ReMax Classic of Farmington Hills. I first became involved with the Southfield Falcons in 2007 when I signed my son up to play youth football. During my son’s first season, I started volunteering as a Spotter on game days. Over time I have contributed to the Falcons program in many different capacities from, Team Spotter, Team Dad, Head-Coach, Assistant Coach, Concessions Chair, and Board Member. Contributing to this wonderful program and giving back by coaching, nurturing, and enriching the youth of our community has been the most rewarding volunteer work of my life.


Kim Smith

Cheer Director

Dr. Kim Smith is a professional psychologist, and life coach, who provides an array of services to a diverse population of children, adults, and couples in her practice private. She has been a part of the Falcons organization for the past 25 years.  She has 2 adult children who came through the program.  She began her tenure serving as one of the original team moms for her husband's football team.  She has served wherever needed during her tenure with the Falcons! Her previous roles include: Scholastic Coordinator, Board Secretary, Concession Stand Chairman, Travel Coordinator, to name a few. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors and is serving as the Lead of the Cheer Directorate Team, and Chairman of the Annual Awards Banquet. Dr. Kim loves the organization and is committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure that the organization remains a viable part of the community. She remains devoted to enhancing the organization so children continue to get an opportunity to thrive and become scholarly athletes and productive adults in the future.  


Nick Patterson

Board Member

Nick Patterson is currently a Detroit Public School employee. He is currently a board member, 13 u Head Coach and co-manager of the Football Equipment. Nick states that “I enjoy helping our kids reach their goals and preparing them for their future.”


Tradeana Paker

Board Member

Tradeana Parker is currently a member of the Board of Directors. She is currently employed as a Licensed Insurance Agent and Trainer at AAA Life Insurance company. She is also a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and registered yoga instructor. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Wayne State University. She is the mother of two sons who came through the football program. She joined the Falcons in 2008 and served as a team mom for several years. She held the position as Cheerleader Coach and Cheer Director for several seasons. She was voted MYFL 2019 Coach of the Year.  She is passionate about helping youth become the best athletes they can be!

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Gregory Floyd

Board Member

Greg Floyd joined the Falcons organization in 1987. He joined the JV coaching staff in 1989, became the JV Head Coach in 1992, and became Head Coach of the Varsity Squad in 1993. He was elected to the position of President of the Falcons in 1994. Greg has been a Falcons board member since 1994, serving for 26 years. He was re-elected to the position of President in 2009 and served until 2016. He was elected to the American Youth Football Hall of fame in 2017. Greg currently serves on the Falcons board as the Equipment Manager and Financial Auditor.

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Michael Agboh

President of Michigan AYF

Michael Agboh is STS's chief technology officer and his responsible for all of the company's worldwide technology. He joined the Southfield-Lathrup Junior Football League (Falcons) with his son in 1997. He has held position as a spotter, special team coach and multiple leadership roles within the Falcons organization. Presently, Michael is the President of the Michigan Youth Football League and a leader in the American Youth Football (AYF) Midwest Region. Michael’s involvement with our youth is rooted in Proverbs chapter 22, verse 6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”