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Year Four of the Southfield-Lathrup Spring Football Camp

Journalist: Jalisa Bannerman

The Southfield-Lathrup Falcons are gearing up for another highly anticipated successful season. The 'Falcon Spring Football Camp,' a four-week conditioning program, plans to close its fourth week at full speed at Total Sports. With approximately 300 student-athletes in attendance during the first week, numbers grew more significantly week to week.

Skill training and consistency are impactful goals during the camp's month-long sessions, allowing athletes an opportunity to sharpen their skills and conquer new challenges. As the oldest youth organization in the Metro-Detroit area, the Falcons are spearheading a culture of hard work and execution that encompasses academic and athletic achievements.

Cheer Director Dr. Kim Smith, who has been with the organization for roughly 25 years, shared a few goals for the Spring Camp, "We want to get the new and returning girls in condition to cheer throughout the season. They are here to be reminded of the fundamentals and how to execute them."

"They have to know all of the different moves for us to incorporate them into our routines, half-time cheers, welcome cheers, and the local, regional, and national competitions."

"The Falcons are a first-class organization, so we have a lot of kids joining from other organizations and are excited to be a part of the program."

The Falcons won two national AYC titles and one AYF title last season, an achievement that sets them apart within their league.

Beyond winning on the field and in the gym, Dr. Kim Smith expressed other efforts for the program, "We focus on them being scholarly athletes because we want them to be successful."

The Spring Camp further sharpens the skills of returning vets while also serving as an essential tool for newcomers. Football players used the two-hour session to run drills back-to-back.

Coach Bellamy, who has been a part of the Falcons since 1980, shared the impact of the annual Spring Camp, "This is where we start with the comradery of parents who will find themselves as friends years later."

"Giving back to the community during the camp is teaching the kids basic skills about life: responsibility, organizational skills, teamwork, and respect."

With a great turnout during the camp's fourth year, the Southfield Lathrup Falcons look forward to continuing a great start to the session. Starting June 1st, every Tuesday and Thursday of June, the Falcons will be at Thompson Middle School, 16300 Lincoln, Southfield, Michigan 48076, from 6 pm - 8 pm.

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